The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Jeannette Pols (Amsterdam) and Endre Dányi (Frankfurt am Main) July 26, 2022 . This conversation started in February 2020 with an email from Endre, shortly after the two of us participated in a writing retreat.  *Onderwerp:* On Other Terms – in Prague!Dear Jeannette,This is a quick email to see if you’d be interested incontinuing some … Read more

Aesthetics of more-than-human worlds in the Art of Sonia Levy

Multispecies Entanglements and Implications for Ecology by Line Marie Thorsen (Aarhus University) April 12, 2019 – Whether it is the nightly activities of urban foxes (Vulpine Domesticity, 2010-2013), a humpback whale telling the story of how it moves about (I Roam, 2015), or wolves attending to their ‘crystal palace’ (Pole, 2008), Sonia Levy’s artistic … Read more