NatureCulture is an international online open-access journal based in Japan. It publishes invited individual research articles, guest edited special issues, interviews and blog posts that match the themes and standards of the journal. The focus is on ethnographic, empirical-based analysis and conceptualization of  “natureculture,” and open-ended term meant to encompass actor-networks, assemblages, ontological turns, new materialisms, multi-species relations, cosmopolitics, lateral comparisons, and more. As such, NatureCulture aims to offer a home to research and scholarship at the intersection of particular forms of anthropology, STS (Science and Technology Studies), history, geography, philosophy, and affiliated natural sciences. Research articles published in NatureCulture (journal) go through a double-blind peer review process.

Founding Editor

  • Naoki Kasuga, Hitotsubashi University

NatureCulture Advisory Board

  • Geoffrey C. Bowker, University of California, Irvine.
  • Michael M.J. Fischer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Frederic Keck, Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale.
  • Heonik Kwon, University of Cambridge.
  • Donald MacKenzie, University of Edinburgh.
  • Annemarie Mol, University of Amsterdam.
  • Andrew Pickering, University of Exeter.
  • Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro.

NatureCulture is edited by

  • Casper Bruun Jensen, IT University of Copenhagen
  • Atsuro Morita, Osaka University
  • Gergely Mohacsi, Osaka University
  • Grant Jun Otsuki, Victoria University of Wellington

Editorial address

NatureCulture (Journal)
Gergely Mohacsi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Yamadaoka 1-2, Suita City, Osaka
565-0871 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6879-8087
E-mail: https://www.natcult.net/contact/