NatureCulture is an international open-access journal which explores how ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ are constructed. It seeks out the proper state of the various relations and the emergence of beings that transcend this dichotomy. NatureCulture aims to offer a place where anthropology, STS (Science and Technology Studies), the history of science, philosophy, and the related natural sciences can mingle, with the goal of contributing to the possibility and emergence of a new reality, sometimes through productive mutual criticism, sometimes through stimulating discommunication.

Issue 5

Anthropology and Science Fiction: Experiments in Thinking across Worlds

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Table of Contents


Experiments in Thinking across Worlds
Casper Bruun Jensen and Asli Kemiksiz
PDF | Pages: i–xiii


The Functions of the Embassy in the World-Making Experiments of China Miéville
Steven Brown
PDF | Pages: 95–116
Materials of Imagination: On the Limits and the Potentials of the Humanoid Robot
Asli Kemiksiz
PDF | Pages: 69–94
Revisiting a State of Nature: An Anthropological Encounter with Multispecies Science Fiction 
Michael Fisch
PDF | Pages: 50–68
Ant Network Theory
Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay and Geoffrey C. Bowker
PDF | Pages: 26–49
Imagining Feminist Futures on the Small Screen: Inclusion and Care in VR Fictions
Marisa Brandt and Lisa Messeri 
PDF | Pages: 1–25


Reclaiming Imagination: Speculative SF as an Art of Consequences
An interview with Isabelle Stengers
Casper Bruun Jensen and Line Marie Thorsen 
Writing Science Fiction Out of Experience: SF, Social Science and Planetary Transformations
An interview with Kim Stanley Robinson
Aslı Kemiksiz and Casper Bruun Jensen

Issue 4

Life under Influence

Life under Influence

Table of Contents

Dominique Lestel and Perig Pitrou
PDF | Pages: i–ix.
Life as a Making 
Perig Pitrou
PDF | Pages: 1–37.
How Machines Force Us to Rethink What it Means to Be Living
Dominique Lestel
PDF | Pages: 38–58.
The Body with Anonymous Organs: Transformation of the Body and the Social in Organ Transplantation
Goro Yamazaki
PDF | Pages: 59–75.
Robots: Technical Individuals and Systems 
Paul Dumouchel
PDF | Pages: 76–89.
Viral Life, at Last 
Thierry Bardini
PDF | Pages: 90–114.