Issue 3

ISSN 2436-1410

Acting with Non-human Entities

Table of Contents

Gergely Mohácsi and Atsuro Morita
PDF | Pages: 1–6
The Ecology of Transaction: Dividual Persons, Spirits, and Machinery in a Special Economic Zone in South India
Miho Ishii
PDF | Pages: 7–34
Conversations on Plant Sensing: Notes from the Field
Natasha Myers
PDF | Pages: 35–66
Practical Ontology: Worlds in STS and Anthropology
Christopher Gad, Casper Bruun Jensen, and Brit Ross Winthereik
PDF | Pages: 67–86
The Care of the Cell: Onomatopoeia and Embodiment in a Stem Cell Laboratory
Wakana Suzuki
PDF | Pages: 87–105
Pure Gifts for Future Benefit?: Giving Form to the Subject in a Biodiversity Databasing Project in India
Moe Nakazora
PDF | Pages: 106–121
BEING ONE, BEING MULTIPLE: A Future for Anthropological Relations
Marilyn Strathern
PDF | Pages: 122–157