Issue 1

ISSN 2436-1410

The Human and the Social

Table of Contents

Naoki Kasuga
PDF | Pages: i–v
Anthropology as a Following Science: Humanity and Sociality in Continuous Variation
Casper Bruun Jensen
PDF | Pages: 1–24
What Humanity Shares
Annemarie Mol
PDF | Pages: 25–39
Rethinking Technics and the Human: An Experimental Reading of Classic Texts on Technology
Atsuro Morita
PDF | Pages: 40–58
Perspectivism in Social Anthropology
Heonik Kwon
PDF | Pages: 59–68
Vision That Ushers Humanity: Reveries, Images, and Potentialities in a Fijian Old People's Home
Naoki Kasuga
PDF | Pages: 69–87
Immanence and Fear
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro
PDF | Pages: 88–106